Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral Appliances are Effective CPAP 



Oral appliance therapy is used as an alternative to CPAP. It provides a non-invasive form of treatment that has a high level of compliance as it is comfortable, quiet, portable and effective. According to the

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

oral appliances are an appropriate 1st line treatment option for sleep apnea patient "with mild to moderate OSA who prefer them to CPAP, or who do not respond to...or who fail treatment attempts with CPAP". Oral appliances are also the next best treatment option for severe sleep apnea patients who cannot or will not tolerate CPAP.  

Oral appliances fit inside the mouth, over the teeth and are similar to orthodontic retainers. Although there are many different styles, all oral appliances are designed to hold the lower jaw forward, which keeps the airway open by preventing the collapse of the tongue and soft tissue into the back of the throat. This can significantly reduce or even eliminate snoring as well as reduce the severity of sleep apnea, managing the condition. Across the board, oral appliances are usually 60-80% effective in reducing the apnea to a normal level (less than 5 events per hour). However, our own personal success rate tends to be in the 80-90% range (even in severe cases) due to the appliances we use and the individual attention we give each patient.

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