Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP III)

The TAP III is a versatile sleep apnea appliance that is connected by a hook located at the front of the upper appliance. The TAP III is the latest addition to the TAP family. The smaller hardware provides more room for the tongue and allows the lips to close. Interchangeable hooks can accommodate Class I, II and III bites and increase the vertical distance between upper and lower teeth. The TAP is the only sleep apnea appliance that can be adjusted by the patient or doctor while in the mouth.

What make the TAP III such a valuable to our appliance choices, is that it can be easily combined with CPAP for severe sleep apnea patient's who are not opposed to wearing CPAP but cannot tolerate the high pressure needed to open their airway. By adjusting the TAP III to a comfortable forward position we are able to open the airway manually which then reduces the amount of pressure needed to keep the airway open at night. Using a bar attachment the upper appliance connects to a custom fit CPAP mask which gives it stability and eliminates the need for straps. The same bar attachment can be used to connect to nasal pillows as well. More information regarding this option can be found at

TAP offers a 1 year warranty for their sleep apnea appliance.

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