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Respire Blue Series

Respire - Sleep Apnea Treatment in Arvada 

The Respire Blue Series is a sleep apnea treatment that involves wearing a two piece custom aligner. Unlike other night time appliances used in sleep apnea treatment, the Respire Blue Series comes in two separate pieces rather than one. This two piece construction and reinforced design results in a durable appliance that is comfortable and easy to wear. You can yawn, speak, and drink water without having to remove your Respire aligners.

The Benefits of Respire Sleep Apnea Treatment

The Respire Blue Series aligners feature a "wing" on the lower piece that rests against a block on the upper piece. This is referred to as a "dorsal design". As you close your jaw, the wing and block gently position your jaw.

The appliance is used to help reduce:
• Obstructed airways
• Morning headaches
• Daytime sleepiness
• Snoring

What to Expect with Respire Sleep Apnea Treatment in Arvada

Dr. Callendar will thoroughly examine your mouth and take x-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth. He may also order a sleep study. At-home sleep studies are used for your convenience. Your Respire appliance is then custom made to exact specifications. Once your Respire appliance arrives, Dr. Callendar will fit it to your mouth and show you how to use it. Respire aligners can also be adjusted as needed, allowing the doctor to control the lower jaw's position for increased comfort and effectiveness. The device will also be adjusted so that it doesn't harm fragile bridges or crowns.

 All of our patients undergoing sleep apnea treatment, particularly those who stop breathing while sleeping, will be instructed to sleep on their side with this aligner to increase the effectiveness of the appliance. Respire can be used as an alternative to CPAP machines. In severe cases, it can also be used in conjunction with the CPAP and/or supplemental oxygen. In either case, Dr. Callendar will show you how to use your device properly. He will also follow up with you periodically to ensure continued success.

The Respire Blue Series is an alternative sleep apnea treatment in Arvada. It is one of the most comfortable nighttime sleep appliances available thanks to its unique two-piece design, low bulk, and ability to be adjusted incrementally by a qualified sleep apnea dentist.

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