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Treating Sleep Apnea in Arvada and


Colorado Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center has two locations: Our main office is in old town Arvada and our satellite location is in Littleton. No matter which office you choose, your appointment will be with Claire-Marie Bender DMD –  is board certified in Dental Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Because Dr. Bender travels between both Arvada and Littleton locations, visits are by appointment only.
Why seek alternative sleep apnea treatments in Arvada and Littleton? If the idea of a CPAP machine causes nothing but dread, you'll appreciate the effective and comfortable alternatives sleep dentistry offers. We believe that "a restful night leads to a brighter tomorrow," and we know that we can help you get the rest you need. Our services can help to eliminate morning headaches, sleepy afternoons, and snoring at night. More importantly, we can help people who stop breathing while they sleep – a serious condition that can be alleviated with nighttime dental appliances.
CPAP Alternatives
We offer sleep apnea treatment without a CPAP machine at our Arvada and Littleteon Sleep Apnea Centers. Your first sleep apnea appointment lasts approximately 1.5 hours. During this time, Dr. Bender will go over your medical history, symptoms and sleep study results. A complete oral evaluation will be completed to help determine whether oral appliance therapy is appropriate for your specific condition.
Lower jaw position and an open airway are essential for correcting sleep apnea. Based on your medical history, oral health status, sleep apnea condition, preferences, and other factors, Dr. Bender will recommend the most suitable treatment options.

Once you and Dr. Bender agree to a sleep apnea treatment plan, the office begins the preparation work for your custom oral appliance that day. Most patients receive their custom oral appliance within three to four weeks.

Questions about treating Sleep Apnea in Arvada and Littleton? For more information on our CPAP-free treatments for Arvada and Littleton sleep apnea patients, schedule an appointment online today.


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