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Looking for a CPAP Alternative in Arvada? 

Try Respire Blue Series!

The Respire Blue Series is a dorsal type appliance which fits to the upper and lower teeth in two separate pieces, allowing you to yawn and speak and drink water with the appliance in. The lower piece has a "wing" that comes up against the block on the upper so as you close the lower jaw is held forward.

The adjustment mechanism located on the lower appliance allows for small movements forward as we adjust, 1 mm equals 10 turns of the screw. This increases the effectiveness and comfort of the appliance. 

Respire offers a year warranty on their appliances.

We have been using the Respire appliance since 2010 when it first came out and have consistently seen excellent results. The majority of patients find this type of appliance design to be the most comfortable and the most durable. If you would like even more information on the Respire Blue Series, check out their website at

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